Welcome to ASK OC, Advocate for Special Kids, Orange County.

ASK OC provides support, education and aid to families in navigating:

  • 504’s/IEP’s
  • Interventions
  • Educational Testing
  • Referrals to Providers
  • Healthcare

Our goal is to empower families to enable them to make the best decisions possible for their children.

  We strive to help families raise happy, healthy children while navigating parenting and education struggles.

ASK OC will:

  • Teach you how to make a “paper trail”
  • Represent the best interest of the student in the educational process
  • Ensure your IEP or 504 is well written and appropriate for your child
  • Aid in writing effective letters to your school district
  • Aid in reviewing IEP and 504 documents before you sign them
  • Aid in helping you ensure your school district is “playing by the rules”

  • Aid families in navigating health insurance and covering costs of services
  • Help families in finding tutors, speech therapists, reading specialists or any training and aid your child may need
  • Aid you in finding experienced and qualified independent assessors for independent educational evaluations
  • Empower and educate families to strengthen their own advocacy skills as it relates to learning disabilities, ADHD and any deficit the child may have.